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Phoenix MMA


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Phoenix MMA HQ Boasts from its large fully matted training space, we are proud to be the South Coasts largest mixed martial arts and centre. Located in beautiful Bournemouth, we offer world-class training in a comprehensive array of martial arts disciplines. Our range of programs is designed to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to champion competitors.Our instructors have expertise in their field has made us a unique, training keep fitters to people wanting to train and become professional fighters Our trainers have exceptional credentials and have trained and competed . Many of our trainers are national and world champions themselves, providing an invaluable level of experience from which our members  benefit. 

• A huge, fully equipped mixed martial arts training facility

• A conditioning and cross-training area

• Highly trained instructors designing flexible and customizable programs for members

  • All levels including Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

  • Fighters Classes

  • People wanting to get fit & lose weight, Nutrition and Bootcamps

  • Women

  • Children